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3 Rituals for Self Love

Self-love rituals are powerful practices that will help you manifest more confidence and joy. Read on to learn about 3 ethical love spells and rituals that won’t mess anyone’s free will and will leave you feeling as lovely and magical as Aphrodite herself.

Here’s a list of things you might like to have on hand for all things love

  1. Rose Quartz - the ultimate stone for unconditional love this crystal is believed to vibrate at a frequency that supports emotional healing and inspires compassion.

  2. Rhodonite - helps heal emotional wounds and heartbreak.

  3. Green aventurine - balances the heart chakra and works great when used alongside rose quartz.

  4. Ruby - working with ruby feels like pulling out the big guns. Not only is this stone rare (with a price tag to match) it is extremely powerful at amplifying energy and increasing vitality and passion. It helps bring a sense of power and confidence.

  5. Roses - Roses can be used both fresh or dried for all kinds of magical workings and you’ll see them used in almost all of the self love spells below. They attract love, lust, attraction and beauty. They also help with purification, healing, and developing intuition so they’re a great ingredient to have on hand year round.

  6. Spearmint - this fragrant herb was believed to hold powers of love, healing, and wisdom since the times of Ancient Greece. It is a special plant of Persephone.

  7. Basil - Romans considered basil the ultimate herb of love and its leaves have been burned for love spells for ages. You can use them fresh or dried. Maybe incorporate some basil into your meal this Valentine’s Day!

  8. Saffron - a favorite of Cleopatra, saffron is believed to be an

  9. aphrodisiac. In Persia, saffron was even sprinkled upon the bed of newly married couples to encourage lovemaking.

  10. Lavender - lavender promotes feelings of relaxation but it also holds magical associations of love and devotion.

  11. Fennel - Fennel has always been a popular ingredient in love spells, and is believed to help awaken love and encourage strength.

  12. Cinnamon - for fire and passion keep some cinnamon sticks on hand. You can add some to your tea or coffee to add a little magical boost whenever you need to connect with your inner fire.

  13. Pink, Red, and Green Candles - all of these colors symbolize love and the heart in candle magic!

Now that you’re familiar with a few magical ingredients for love and self love, check out a few of these rituals and spells to get the self love flowing!

Perform a Self Love Bath Ritual

A perfect way to celebrate self love and indulge in a luxurious self care practice is to take a nice long ritual bath.

For your self love ritual, make sure to shower and clean your body before participating in the bath. The goal of ritual baths is to cleanse our energies, not necessarily clean our bodies.

Next, you’ll want to cleanse and clear your space using smoke cleansing, crystals, bells, or whatever else feels good to you.

For a Self Love bath, I like to place some rose quartz crystals in the bottom of the tub right away, and allow them to infuse the water as it fills up. Then once the tub is full of steaming warm water, I add a cup or two Pink Himalayan Salt and allow that to dissolve in the water. Then, I’ll put in some skin nourishing oils like jojoba, coconut, sweet almond, or even olive oil, that I’ve infused with essential oils of jasmine, rose, and Yang Ylang. Finally, I will take about 3 fresh roses and remove the petals one at a time while sprinkling them into the bath. Before I step into the water I will light some red and pink candles, but white candles work too!

Once in the bath I might choose to read or write some love poems, or simply make a mental list of all the things and people I love and am grateful for, or say out loud all the things I love about myself. I also like to give myself a face mask of pure raw honey, which to me symbolizes the intention of being sweet to myself. These are just a few ideas, but feel free to make this practice your own. Whatever brings to mind love, beauty, luxury, and romance, try incorporating those elements into your own unique ritual.

Create an Attraction Spell Oil

This simple spell oil can be worn daily as a perfume to give you an extra burst of confidence, and used in spell work to anoint candles or sigils. Feel free to tweak the recipe to suit your desires. This oil is supposed to inspire confidence, so you’ll want to like the smell! The most powerful day to make this oil is on Friday, the day of Venus.

It’s particularly lovely to perform this ritual with some candles burning and listening to a playlist of your favorite love songs. In a small jar or bottle, add your dry ingredients first. I like to start with a small tumbled rose quartz stone, some Himalayan Pink Salt, some dried rose petals, dried lavender, dried chamomile, cacao, and a cinnamon stick to add some spice. Sometimes, I even include a strand of my own hair, to make it super clear that this oil was made for me! Then, begin to cover the dry ingredients with a base oil. For love and beauty magic, I like to use sweet almond oil.

Once the dry ingredients are completely covered you can begin to add the essential oils. I like to add a few drops of Vanilla first, and you can totally use kitchen vanilla if you don’t have the essential oil on hand. Vanilla is one of the most universally attractive and pleasing smells for human beings, as well as a powerful magical ingredient. Then I add patchouli which brings luck, as well as jasmine, rose, and Ylang Ylang, all of which inspire love, desire, and lust. Again, feel empowered to make this spell your own! Choose ingredients that make you feel confident, attractive, and powerful.

Once your bottle is complete, close the lid tightly and shake it up. As you shake and swirl your bottle, consider repeating some loving words, spells, or mantras to yourself. It can be as simple as “I am love,” or “I am confident in myself.” Listen to your heart and ask yourself what it most needs to hear. As the very last step, I might paint the symbol of Venus on the bottle, or even some of my own sigils for love, passion, beauty, and confidence.

Create a Love Altar

A beautiful way to connect with the magic that is love is to create an altar dedicated to all things love and romance. You can make this space as ornate or as symbol as you’d like, the main thing is to create a space dedicated specifically to celebrating love.

First, choose a space in your home for your love altar. It can be a small table, your window sill, or even a corner of your vanity or bathroom sink - whatever feels good to you.

Next, cleanse the space using smoke, Florida water, selenite, or a bell. Again, this is your space, so do what resonates with your practice. Once your space is cleansed you can begin to create your love altar!

Some items you may want to include would be fresh flowers, especially red and pink roses, pink and red candles, rose quartz crystal, green crystals to connect with the heart chakra, cut outs of hearts, and perhaps pictures of your beloved if you have one. Some other good choices might be pearls (a favorite of Venus/Aphrodite) and cinnamon sticks or cinnamon incense. The purpose is to celebrate love whenever you spend time at the altar, so include anything that makes you feel warm, beautiful, passionate, and open-hearted.

Self-love should be celebrated year round. Love itself is a form of magic, so make sure to be kind and gentle with yourself and know that you are a being of pure love and light, always. Your natural state is one of love and compassion so allow yourself to return to it whenever possible.

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