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DIY Ritual Cleansing Bath for Spring

Updated: May 4, 2022

Spring brings a sense of rebirth and renewal. It is the perfect time to set goals, plant seeds, and make plans for the future. Even a simple to-do list can be a powerful practice of manifestation. This spring, create some space for positive life changes by performing a magical Ritual Cleansing Bath.

Bath Magic is one of our favorite practices here at Moon River Spells. It’s a simple and relaxing ritual to perform at home that powerfully cleanses any negative energy. It can help you let go of anything and everything that no longer serves you, while creating space for the wonderful things that await.

In order to perform your Ritual Cleansing Bath, you’ll need a few items. Luckily, you may already have some of these around the house, and those that you don’t can easily be foraged, or found at your local natural food store.

Cleansing Ritual Bath Ingredients

  1. Salt - I prefer Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt. Epsom salt also works great. Salt is a crystal and has been used for centuries for its protective, purifying, and cleansing properties. It dispels negative energy and can help in releasing emotional attachments. For those of us who are exposed to lots of negativity in our everyday life (which is basically all of us these days) I recommend doing salt baths on the regular. Salt is also grounding and centering. It is the most important ingredient in a bath ritual, and even if you only use this one ingredient it will still be a powerful ritual! Using regular table salt is not recommended as it has undergone a refining process that has removed most of the beneficial minerals. Use 3-9 cups dissolved in hot water.

  1. Herbs and Flowers - Adding herbs and flowers to your bath magically infuses the water with the potent energy of each individual plant, but they can also be wonderful for the skin. Adding dried and fresh flowers and herbs to the hot water is a beautiful experience that brings to mind soaking in a luxurious cup of tea. Some of my favorite suggestions include:

  • Chamomile for relaxation, luck, and love.

  • Lavender for healing and peace.

  • Rose petals for peace, love, happiness, and protection.

  • Rosemary for purification.

  • Mint for cleansing strength and vitality.

  • Orange for self love and confidence

  1. Oils - Consider adding skin loving oils like jojoba or coconut oil to your cleansing bath. Also as an alternative to any fresh or dried herbs or flowers you choose to magically infuse your bath with, you can do so with essential oils.

  1. Crystals - Water friendly crystals like quartz are a great addition to your bath magic.

You can place them in the bottom of the tub as you fill it up with water or place them around the edge of your tub. Just make sure you double check that they’re water-safe!

  1. Candles - For cleansing baths I like to use white candles for purification.

Preforming your bath ritual

  1. Before you begin your bath ritual you will want to clean and cleanse your space. Tidy up your general area and then cleanse the room using whatever method you prefer. You can cleanse with bells, smoke, a spray, or cleansing crystal wands like selenite. Do whatever feels right and helps the energy in your space feel clear.

  2. Next, clean your body. Bath magic is a ritual. It is not a practice of actually physically cleaning yourself, it is about spiritual cleansing, so before you begin, just take the day off with a quick shower. Ideally you should not rinse your body after your bath for at least 24 hours.

  3. Your next step is to set up. Arrange your crystals and candles around the tub and begin to fill it up with nice hot water.

  4. Once full you can begin to add your ingredients into the water. Do so with intention, considering the magical properties of each ingredient and thanking it as you add it to the water.

  5. Finally, light the candles and step into the water. Your cleansing ritual bath has begun! As you soak in the healing wanders, imagine the negativity leaving your body as it is absorbed into the water and salt. Take deep, meditative breath and let go of anything that no longer serves you. If you have a difficult time meditating, try gazing into the water itself, or into the flame of your candle. Allow thoughts to come into your mind, and then gently let them go.

Allow yourself to soak for at least an hour. This time is just for you, enjoy it! Feel free to add more warm water as needed.

  1. When it is time to get out of the bath, pull the plug and remain in the tub. Watch as the water begins to disappear down the drain, and imagine any negativity, pain, or blockages that you have released going with it. Thank the water for absorbing and transmuting the energy that no longer serves you.

  2. Step out of the bath and allow your body to air dry. Once collected you can take the remaining organic materials like herbs and flowers and bury them outside away from. your home, thanking them for helping to cleanse you.

The practice of taking ritual baths is an incredibly powerful magical tool for spiritual well-being and transformation. The best time to perform this ritual is within 3 days of a New Moon. Some people even do it once a week. Follow your heart and intuition

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